Exploring the Browns river

The Browns river – it sits above the Comox Valley. It has been a great interest of mine over the years of paddling around the Valley, Vancouver Island and various places overseas.

Friends and myself have run a number of different sections over the years. A couple of years ago getting on the top most section now known as the Alpine Browns. The last section was below this to the Medicine bowls. There was some gradient in this section and from looking on google earth we were sure that there was a waterfall. It took a bit of time but we finally decided to walk down the 7kms to have a look see at low water. To see what was there and have a day of adventure. The pictures below showcase that adventure.

I wanted to travel light with camera gear and showcase the river. I wanted a lens that would be able to work in a narrow area and show lots of detail. Knowing the rest of the river I knew it would be narrow so I went with my 11-16mm 2.8 Tokina lens. I also brought my 50mm 1.4. To carry the gear I used my Watershed bag with one peice of webbing so i could wear it over my shoulder. I am big believer in these bags as they have carried my camera gear down numerous rivers around the world.

Enjoy the images.

First waterfall

Green Water

Light Chimney

Look – no hands

Carrie Rappelling

Looking downstream from the Rappel


Heading in

To the bottom

Shayne on the ground again

Look back toward the rappel

Last Jump

Last bit of the canyon, an hour left of walking to the Medicine bowls

Driving home – Over Looking the Comox Valley

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