A walk around day in Rishikesh

I have now been in Rishikesh for a number of days. There is a big festival, Kanwar Mela, going on at the moment so lots of people in Rishikesh and Haridiwar. Won’t be going there till after September, except to take the train down to Delhi.

Have been relaxing and organizing my kayaking gear in anticipation of heading to Leh, Ladakh next week. have sorted that out and managed to meet up most of the lads from the past years. Have been pratcing my Hindi again and alot of it has come back, which has been nice, not that i knew tons to start with.

The Ganges has come up to the highest the guys have seen it here in a couple of years. It has been raining lots and has been nice to cool the temps down to the low thirty’s, it will be quite a bit colder up in Ladakh at 10,500ft. Looking forward to getting used to altitude again. Have found a couple of nice little coffee/chai places and a couple of good restaurants.

Have read through a number of books and taken a number of photographs. Please check out the flash slide show at the bottom to see a few more from Rishikesh or check on the featured galleries.

Lakshman jhula bridge, Rishikesh

Lemonade Stand

Chillin Monkey

Monkey gets it's picture taken

Charred corn on the cob, street side cooking

Thirsty Cow

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