Mountain Biking

Cumberland Woods

End of the ride.

What to do on Boxing day? No shopping, no work, nope it was off to the Cumberland woods and biking through the trails on a borrowed bike and hitting up some sweet trails. After visiting with friends on Christmas day the design was made to meet up at noon to head out on Boxing day.

The weather wasn’t great. A bit of cloud with some light rain falling. I was also going to test out my new f-stop Guru pack for biking. Wanted to see how comfortable it was, how easy it was to carry around, ride the trails and get some photographs of the group.

Up on Teapot

We managed to get out to the parking lot around 1pm and headed off into the woods. Not having mountain biked in some months I was looking forward to hitting up some of the trails. There are a number of people who do some amazing work on these trails and it was great to get a chance to see some of them first hand.

We rode up to Teapot, then out to Railroad and down Crafty Butcher, and a couple of others. So much fun. Out more in the New Year for sure.

Here are a few pictures

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