A trip to the Sunshine Coast

Powell River and beyond…

Start of the day

The plan was to head to the ferry in Comox, BC and head out and explore the sunshine coast, well the north part of it anyway. Loaded up the camera gear in the car and headed out for a day of photos.

Coastal Clouds

There is always different projects to work on with photography. Today was to shoot some stock shots of Lund and some of the restaurants in the surrounding area, also to find some interesting sights around Powell river.

We wandered around Lund for awhile  getting some shots of different spots and watching the groups coming and going to Savary Island. Had a good lunch at the Boardwalk restaurant. Was able to get some nice foodie shots overlooking the Harbour.

Drinks by the Harbour

We drove back toward Powell river and on a whim stopped off at a house that had some interesting collectibles outside. Looked like a neat place to shoot. The Owner of the house was a very interesting chap and ended up showing us around his 5 acre property. Looked at the pond, blueberries and greenhouse set up. Checked out the old barn with his amazing collection of tools and old rusted equipment that he changed into art work. Ended up with a crazy camerathat he didn’t want anymore. Now added to my collection of old camera’s.


Afterwards driving down toward Saltery Bay to have a look around and finishing off the day by having a bite to eat at an Indian Restaurant, Little Hut Curry. Having been back from India for almost seven months I had been craving some authentic Indian food. These people make Fantastic food. They even have Kingfisher by the Bottle.

Ah... Kingfisher

Indian Dinner.... Enough said

All in all Fantastic!

The Last shots were of waiting for the ferry, even got permission to get a couple of shots in the bridge with the sun setting as we headed back to the Island. Still working out what to do with those. Turned out brilliant. Have to love wireless flash and a bit of quick work with a wide angle at times.

Sunset on the way home

Enjoy the Pics

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